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Facts About America's Power Grid

Take a look at the facts you didn’t know about America’s power grid. Find out the importance of safer, secure and resilient electric grid across the country. A presentation of Current Solutions PC.

Protect Your Home From That UNEXPECTED Power Surge

The infographic explains the 3 most common causes of power surges and the cost associated with the items that we sometimes forget to protect.
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Nuclear New Build

Infographic charting the journey the UK nuclear industry is taking and what the future holds
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Accidents in Japanese Nuclear Facilities

Here is an infographic about the accidents that occurred at the Japanese nuclear power plants after the April 7 and March 11, 2011 earthquakes.
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Harnessing the Power of Geothermal Energy

People are quickly learning more and more about the environmental impact of generating energy. With this, people are also learning more about alternative energy and the more environmentally friendly ways to generate energy. One of these alternative energy options is geothermal energy. Continue reading to learn about geothermal energy and why it could be and could not be considered a viable alternative for creating energy.
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