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The Art of a Last-Minute Getaway

Everything you need to know about planning a last minute trip. Recent surveys reveal that Americans only use 51 percent of their eligible paid vacation days and other time off -- which, if you think about it, is ridiculous: You're getting paid to go on vacation! Even if you don't have a destination in mind, seize the moment and treat yourself to the trip of a lifetime. You can plan a stellar trip in less than 48 hours. Really.
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Online Travel

What those 50 and older are doing online? This is the core question of AARP research concerning online travel habits of 50+ Americans.
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The Business of American Vacations

More than half of American workers fail to take all of their vacation days. Thirty percent say they use less than half their allotted time. And 20 percent take only a few days instead of a week or two. Among so-called extreme jobholders, 42 percent claim they have to cancel vacation plans “regularly.” Americans take even less vacation time than the Japanese, the people who gave rise to karoshi- the phenomenon of being worked to death.

How Do You Plan and Pay for Vacation Travel?

Planning a trip takes a lot of time and work. This infographic provides information for the smartest ways to plan and save money for a trip.
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