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The 5 sec of engagement or why is your web hosting so important

This infographic describes the co-relation between the page speed load time and the user engagement, traffic and conversions. It also points out that the web hosting location is important and has real companies case studies.
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CDNs Won't Improve SEO Unless...

Recent study shows that when it comes to SEO, Time to First Byte (TTFB) is the only performance factor that really matters. Moz researchers suggest using CDN to improve this metric, but this isn't always the right answer. So how can CDNs boost up your SEO?
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How Fast Do Websites Really Load for Mobile Users?

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Ecommerce Page Speed: Fall 2012 State of the Union

For Strangeloop's Fall 2012 State of the Union, we tested the load times of the top 2,000 retail websites and found that -- among other things -- pages are 9% slower than in 2011, many sites still fail to follow core performance best practices, and Internet Explorer 10 loads pages 8% faster than Chrome 20.
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