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Skills to put on a resume

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Skills Required For Web Design

Take a look at the top skills that you require if your designing a website . For more information visit
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Employers Identify Top 5 Job Skills

For employees who are looking to develop and integrate a new set of skills to help them become more valuable here are the five job skills that executives in Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia have identified as most important to them. Designer: Ban Nguyen Writer: Mary Barry
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Hottest Sectors & In-Demand Job Skills

This infographic by RezScore (the free web app that reads, analyzes, and grades resumes all in a matter of seconds) takes readers through the top 10 American job markets, their hottest industries, and the most in-demand resume keywords. Using their own data and analytics from over 100,000 uploaded resumes and job postings from numerous online job boards, the team at RezScore maps out success for job seekers.
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