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Where Do You Keep Your Opened Bottles of Hot Sauce?

Some people refrigerate their hot sauces after opening whether the bottle says to or not. This is personal preference. If it doesn’t specifically say so right on the bottle, then you don’t have to refrigerate it. Most hot sauces don’t actually require refrigeration after opening, but I put mine in the fridge anyway just because that's what I've always done! Where do you keep your hot sauce and why?
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The Ultimate Guide to Your Favorite Hot Sauces

Here’s an introduction to the most eligible bottles: There’s the chicken-wing-inclined Frank’s Red Hot, the classic Tabasco, the smoky chipotles in adobo sauce (strictly speaking, not a hot sauce, but the perfect gateway burn), and of course Sriracha, lovingly referred to as Rooster Sauce by its addicted denizens. (Tip: It’s delicious on more than just dumplings). If Sriracha is too sugary and garlicky for you, try its stripped down, more vinegary cousin, Sambal Oelek. Cholula is just begging to be splashed onto tacos.
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Let Me Tell You About Hot Sauce

Impress your friends with your sudden knowledge of hot sauce and the Scoville scale.
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Hot Stuff

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Punishing Kids With Hot Sauce Is Child Abuse

People use all sorts of strange ways to discipline their children. This infographic provides survey results that show whether the general public thinks that making your child drink hot sauce is child abuse.
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