So you still think homosexuality is sinful?

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Bluegrass Church of Christ: An Exsample of Love

On June 30, 2012, the city of Lexington, Kentucky held their 5th annual Pride Festival, a family celebration held downtown to celebrate the LGBT community. Attendees were met with protest from the sky, in the form of an airplane banner (complete with spelling error) commissioned by the Bluegrass Church of Christ. The local church, with a congregation of 12 people, paid $2,200 to "warn gays of their sin.” This infographic is a look at other ways the church could have spent this amount of money to share their message of so called love.

Same Sex Marriage in 2012

The state of gay marriage has changed dramatically over the last handful of years, but it remains a mixed bag. Look below to get a taste of the facts and sample how gay marrieds compare to their straight counterparts in America today.
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