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Is climate change myth or fact?

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Emissions of Green House Gases by Country

Here's an infographic about the green house gases in different countries.
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Global Warming: Skeptics vs. Scientists

To some, the existence and consequences of global warming and climate change seems obvious while to others, the eco-friendly movement appears to be a mass-hysteria response to sensationalized hype. Where do you stand on this great debate? Here is a complete guide to both sides of the global warming issue. Read on to see which point of view makes more sense to you.
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Global Environment Indicators (1990-2005)

From sea level, to natural energy, to the air we breath, there are many elements that go into our precious environment. The state of the planet cannot be easily summed up as there are many factors involved. Some are have been improving, such as biodiversity and the preservation of wildlife, while some have been steadily worsening, such as the quality of our atmosphere. Here is a comprehensive guide to the state of our planet.
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