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How the Obama Administration is Hiding Military Records

When asked to describe the geographical limits of the administration’s drone strike conduct, John Bernann, director of the CIA, answered that ”we do not view our authority to use military force against al-Qaida and associated forces as being limited to 'hot' battlefields like Afghanistan." It seems there are more questions than answers regarding the United States’ drone attacks, and information regarding drones having the ability to kill American citizens within the United States still remains concealed.

Tarpley Family Map

For Stephan Sameister's class "Can Design Touch Someone's Heart", I compiled a graphic of the family genealogy my grandfather had been collecting on individual sheets for 70 years. The final graphic spans 12 generations that visually connect across branches of the tree with bands of color, and has the names of over 200 family members.
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Online Family History Trends

The family history space is booming like never before. Population trends and technological innovation are coalescing to fuel extraordinary growth in the industry. Considering the trends visually represented below, our outlook is highly optimistic.
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Following up on my post of
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