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Co2 Emissions and Acidification

A mapping of acidification of land/water in relation to CO2 emissions by country. As an additional comparative element, data regarding nonanthropogenic land - the land uncontaminated by human activity - was included.
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Big Green Fracking Machine

The Center for Sustainable Shale Development, an initiative touted in the media as a “peace treaty” between environmentalist groups and oil and gas drillers, has extensive undisclosed ties to that industry. Read the full report: http://public-accountability.org/2013/06/big-green-fracking-machine/

Global Energy Efficiency Advocacy

This infographic shows the sentiments of people around the world for their government to enact more environmental friendly laws and programs. It shows by country the sentiments of the people and explains exactly what kinds of action they'd like them to take.
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Rejected Ad Campaigns Of The Coal Industry

Don Draper himself would be hard pressed to put a positive spin on the United States' single largest source of carbon emissions. In fact, for every savvy semantic sleight of hand like "clean coal" there are a hundred concepts in the trash can.

Mobile Phone Recycling

Our mobile phone recycling infographic shows how much environmental damage old phones can do if they're not recycled.

Tree Bombing

More Green Infographics


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