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Emergency Room Dentists: The High Costs of Life or Death Dental Care

It’s hard to believe but we seem to have forgotten about our teeth. We’ve been looking into the costs of America’s famously straight, white smiles. Instead of facts on cosmetic dentistry, we’ve come up with some troubling statistics on rapidly rising trend: emergency room dental visits. It turns out that dental care is suffering right along with general healthcare. This infographic explains the costs and causes of this overall decline in preventative care. Dental care is really an investment against future costs, but we can’t blame the uninsured for avoiding costly cleanings and checkups.
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How regular dentist visits can save you money | A Dental Infographic

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How Well Do We Take Care of America's Teeth?

This infographic provides information for how well Americans care for their teeth, despite the fact that they lack dental insurance. It breaks down dental hygien by age, race and gender. It gives information for who in America has dental coverage and who does not. Finally it breaks down the reasons for people not buying dental insurance.
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