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How Does Bags VIP Luggage Delivery Work?

We specialize in luggage delivery, but how does it work? We’ll retrieve your checked luggage from baggage claim and deliver it to a destination of your choice, freeing you to make the most of your trip. Let us help you make travel easier!
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U.S. Airline Baggage Fee

Are you an avid golfer that pays high baggage fees when taking your golf clubs with you on your flights? As airline baggage fees continue to increase, you will be stuck with the burden of paying these high fees.Just to show you the associated baggage fees, we have created an infographic that displays the baggage fees that U.S. airlines charge you for your bag
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Low cost airline baggage fees dissected

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A Timeline on Airline Baggage Fee Revenue

Reports were made that despite the incredible growing in baggage fee revenues over the last decade, revenues for airlines were actually on the way down despite a slight rise of passengers in 2011 compared to 2010. Is this good news for passengers? The truth is, no…well, not really. Bottom-line, the baggage fees are still the same cost and they aren’t going away. If anything, they will be going up and more fees are likely to be created in the near future. What are the reasons the revenue has dropped? People are doing a better job of traveling light and not checking bags.

Are Bag Fees Clouding Your Summer Travel Plans?

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Find the Lowest Airline Fees

U.S. airlines continue to unbundle services, charging travelers more fees for services that were once offered for free. These fees can cost more than the airfare alone. To help you salvage your travel plans, NerdWallet has identified airlines with the lowest and highest fees for your travel profile.
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Real Cost of Flying

Nowadays, many airlines are offering special promotions to help ensure their seats are filled. The costs of some of these flights seem fantastic, with many of them being cheaper than the cost of gas to drive to the same destination. However, before you jump on that next offer that’s sent to your email inbox, take some time to read the fine print and consider the full costs of the promotional airfare—the true cost of the flight might be much more than you think!
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Semper Fly: Breakdown of how each airline treats baggage fees for soldiers

We thought it’d be appropriate to compile a list of all the major U.S. airline policies on bag allowance for military personnel - especially since we know a thing or two about the data behind baggage fees and their history.
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