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Tribatics measured the impact on Social Media about American Idol's 2 night premiere
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American Idol Ticket Sales

How do the Idols rank when it comes to American Idol LIVE and solo tour ticket sales and prices? The following data was collected from, one of the nation's largest ticket market places.
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American Idol

With American Idol 2011 underway, it’s time to examine some statistics about the show’s rich history. Not all is well in Idol Land, according the graphic. Its ratings have been on the decline for the past few years, and many wonder if this season will in fact be its last. But strange things happen in the TV world, and by the time the competition starts, Idol may well be in the middle of a strong rebound.
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American Idol Season 11 Premiere

infographic here shows,

Understanding American Idol with Graphs

American Idol is about to start it's tenth season. This infographic takes a look at the shows success, the people who went on to become stars, and the songs that are sung.
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