The cap-and-trade program, also known as emissions trading, is utilized by government agencies as a strategic environmental policy tool for lowering the amount of pollutants in an area. This is done by placing a limit (or cap) on the total amount of emissions that can be released in a fixed time period. In order to enforce the cap, a system of checks and balances, or allowances, are distributed amongst the industries in the program.
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Light Bulb

Energy Consumption In 1 Hour

The Huge Environmental Impact of Cars

In the United States alone there are 250 million cars, and with the economic growth in India and China, the number of cars is expected to grow even more. This infographic takes a look at the environment impact of cars on the planet and the expected impact on fossil fuels.
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Our Green Homes

Consumption [Infographic]
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Energy Research Dollars Visualized

Government spending on alternative energy is quite small compared to the amount of money Americans spend on a variety of non-essential products and services. Consider this juxtaposition. What if even a small portion of our spending on the below were instead invested in our energy future? We certainly would be more energy efficient if our eyes were on energy savings.
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Energy Research Dollars

Alternative Energy Research
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Harnessing the Power of Geothermal Energy

People are quickly learning more and more about the environmental impact of generating energy. With this, people are also learning more about alternative energy and the more environmentally friendly ways to generate energy. One of these alternative energy options is geothermal energy. Continue reading to learn about geothermal energy and why it could be and could not be considered a viable alternative for creating energy.
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The Energy Impact of Lightbulbs

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Global Energy Efficiency Advocacy

This infographic shows the sentiments of people around the world for their government to enact more environmental friendly laws and programs. It shows by country the sentiments of the people and explains exactly what kinds of action they'd like them to take.
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Cap and Trade

Cap and Trade Infographic


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