The Price Of Beer Around The World


Beer duty in the UK has risen try 42% in the Last three years.
For every pint you purchase in a pub at least £1 is beer duty and VAT,
So, where in the world can you get a cheap pint?

Cheapest Pints

2 Panama 32p
9 Congo DR 44p
8 Rwanda 38p
4 Burundi 37p
6 Madagascar 38p
1 Tajikistan 30p
3 Bhutan 36p
7 Myanmar 38p
10 Philippines 45p
5 N Korea 38p

Priciest pints

When planning your next holiday, you’ll want to take into account how much your beloved beverage is going cost you. Here are the top 10 countries where a pint will cost you an arm and a leg.

10 Guadeloupe £4.80
1 Greenland £7.35
8 France £4.95
2 Norway £6.78
7 Sweden £5.00
4 Djibouti £5.48
9 Abu Dhabi £4.86
3 Qatar £6.00
6 Dubai £5.02
5 Singapore £5.08

Top 10 best-selling beers worldwide

Carlsberg, Caning and Stella are constantly fighting for the top-spot as Britain’s best-selling beer (even though purists would demand they be called lagers.) When going abroad, you might have to swap your favourite brand for a local alternative. So, to ensure you’re prepared when you travel, here are the world’s best-selling beers (and where you’re likely to find them).

Japan - Asahi Super Dry
Brazil - BRAHMA
USA - Miller Lite
International - Heineken
Africa & South America - SKOL
International - Corona Extra
International - Budweiser
China - (ICE COOL) Snow Beer

Note on Data - All prices are the average cost across the country based on a single 'imperial' pint of lager

The Price Of Beer Around The World

shared by Neomam on Dec 12, 2012 in Food

The Price Of Beer Around The World

shared by Neomam on Dec 12, 2012 in Food


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As the average price of beer is now around £2.90 in the majority of pubs, you might be surprised to find the UK isn't on the list of the top ten countries for the priciest pint. The number one spot ...
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