These new brands don’t just come from nowhere. They work hard to get the recognition they desire. They’re smart about appealing to their target demographics. Before a product launch, they take the time to think deeply about their brand identities: the colors, fonts, and other stylistic choices that make them who they are. In short, they engage in smart brand advertising.

Smart brand advertising’

– Delivers a clear message ‘ a brand identity

– Establishes and confirms brand credibility

– Connects with prospects intellectually and emotionally

– Motivates prospects to take action

– Inspires customer loyalty

Brand Identity

A brand identity is just what it sounds like: the character and personality of a brand. A brand identity is defined by the brand’s logo, web presence, product or service offerings, copy, and other visual elements that face the public. It is important that the company really thinks this through. Because these elements identify the brand, they should be strong and consistent. When a brand identity changes, it’s confusing to consumers. So, everywhere the name of the company appears, it should be identifiable: the font, colors, and logo should always be the same. The brand identity can say a lot about the company as a whole. The logo, in particular, communicates volumes. The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” applies here. For example, a slick, corporate logo communicates serious business. This might work well for a finance or insurance company. A cute cartoon logo communicates fun and recreation. This might work well for a pet food company or a family restaurant. Carefully matching the logo to the brand is the first step towards smart brand advertising.

Brand Credibility

Good brand advertising builds brand credibility. It inspires trust. Customers feel comfortable buying from a brand they trust. It also works to establish a brand as a leader in its industry so it can out-compete other brands. You can accomplish this in many ways, and a combination of approaches will probably be the most effective. For example, launch a subtly branded content marketing campaign in which experts from your company offer how-to advice to consumers. Pay for branded sponsorship of community events related to your business. Create a commercial demonstrating your product at work.

Connecting With Prospects

Brand advertising is about connecting ‘ reaching out to potential customers to offer solutions they need. These solutions may make intellectual sense but they should make emotional sense too. For example, a mom looking for cereal will be attracted to the cereal aisle. But she will choose a particular cereal because it has a picture of a mom feeding a child on the box.

Motivating prospects to take action