Content is Evolving

As marketers have learned what content has the greatest impact, visual content has become more popular. Visuals are exciting and engaging. They can communicate complex ideas in a few seconds, which is a boon online, where attention spans tend to be short and expectations high.

Visual Content is Key for Social Media Content Marketing Campaigns

Social media is all about the visuals: from Facebook where photos and videos accompany the most shared and “liked” posts, to Pinterest and YouTube where visuals are the entire focus of the platform. For companies looking to engage customers through social media marketing, compelling visual materials are essential. Not only do they capture the attention of users scanning their news feeds or favorite channels, they are easy to digest and to pass along to friends and followers. And visual social media content is much more likely to go viral than its text-based marketing counterpart.

Demonstrate Products and Services Visually

Infographics or video are the perfect mediums for product demos. Clever product marketing placement, product hacks, or demonstrations of expert users can inspire potential customers to use products and services in innovative, exciting ways. And they can help existing customers understand the potential of the products they already own. For example, a sporting goods company might provide a series of videos with tips on golf techniques in which the golf experts are using their branded products. Viewers will find value in the videos, returning to them again and again for help with their swings. Meanwhile, they’re engaging with the brand, building trust. Here is another example of a golf-related infographic from a golf instruction company that offers a demonstration of their services visually.

Show, Don’t Tell

Visual content can tell a story without having to tell a story. This is true for content marketing campaigns and for more traditional ads or commercials. Showing saves time and space and engages customers on a more visceral, experiential level than text alone. For example, the now famous Jean-Claude Van Damme split video for Volvo.

Provide a Helpful Resource

Visual content makes it possible to illustrate how things work. And it helps to organize ideas in a helpful, logical way. For example, an infographic diagram that illustrates how to tie a bowtie is much more informative and helpful than a block of text describing the process.

Content Creators Abound

While content creation might have been a stumbling block for content marketing campaigns of yesteryear, marketers don’t have to create their own content in-house anymore. There are several companies out there that specialize in creating high quality, targeted content for visual content marketing campaigns. For example, Visually provides expert content created by seasoned professionals for visual marketing PR campaigns of all sorts.

Visually can help with any and all of your visual content marketing needs. Contact us today. Our global supply of creative talent has been hand-selected based on their skill, experience and professionalism.

Infographic: The Power of Visual Content Marketing

The Power of Visual Content