Well, you could go old school and sketch up some ideas, then scan them in and go with a hand-drawn look. More likely, though, you’re going to use some kind of infographics software.

There are literally tons of kinds of infographics software tools. Okay, maybe not literally. But almost anything that can be used to merge visuals and text can be used as infographics software.

The important thing is that there’s no one piece of infographics software that’s the state-of-the-art or that you must use to prove to others that you’re a super-hip, in-the-know infographics designer. Whatever infographics software works for you, go for it. That said, you might want to explore some of the data visualization design tools that are out there, some on the Web and some downloadable.

Online Infographic Software Tools

Our own tool lets you easily create infographics and social media images from included data feeds, professionally designed templates, and themes. Visually’s tool is easy to use and it produces beautiful infographics that you’ll happily share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, presentations and our website.

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