Our blog’s mission:

Provide useful information that makes it easier for people to create great content–and use it to meet their goals.


We’re open to blogging on all kinds of topics. That could mean posts about how to set strategies or execute content marketing, social media, sales, product marketing, or PR campaigns. It could also mean explaining how to create content or data visualizations more effectively.

The fine print:

Our blog posts need to provide actionable advice or well-thought-out opinions. They also need to be original. Here’s a list of requirements to help make we keep our audience happy (and to make sure your posts get published:

  • Add value: Bottom line, our posts need to provide valuable information to the people who read them. That could mean using in-depth research, providing actionable steps to take, being wildly entertaining, or sharing a really smart perspective.
  • Write well: If your post is hard to read, SEO pabulum, or a grammar nightmare, we’re going to pass.
  • Be original: Sorry, but no reposts here.
  • Don’t self-promote: The post itself is your self promotion! If it shows off great thought and inspires someone, they’ll make it to your bio at the bottom.
  • The right length: We think an optimal blog post is long enough to be informative. That can mean a length of 500 words, or it could be 2000 words if the topic is more involved.

We highly recommend reading our blog before submitting an idea.

What’s in it for you:

Our website gets over a million visitors each month, and has a lot of authority (PR:7, Moz domain authority of 87). That means you’ll get a lot of eyeballs, plus a link or two back to your site in a bio paragraph at the bottom of each post. If we really like your post, we’ll promote it in newsletters and social media, too (all of which reach more than 100k people).

How it works:

Just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you within a week. You can pitch an idea or submit a complete draft, but we won’t commit to publishing something until we see the draft. We prefer to see drafts as Google Docs, but can work with any format.


Happy blogging!