Explainer videos can do several things:

– They help customers or potential customers understand a product or service.

– They prompt viewers to buy.

– They keep viewers engaged, so they spend more time on a company’s website or

social channel.

– They boost traffic and search engine rankings.

– They inspire positive brand sentiment.

These videos are also easy to share, so they have viral potential.

Explainer Videos Best Practices

Target your audience

To appeal to an audience you need to know them. Use market research to identify your target demographics. Think about how to write and design in a way they will appreciate. You might consider looking into explainer video software options.

Strike the right tone

Will your explainer video be irreverent or serious, tongue-in-cheek or matter-of-fact? The tone should appeal to your target demographic but it should also match your product.

Invest in a great script

The best animation or live action in the world won’t be able to distract viewers from a terrible script. Explaining something succinctly, with colorful language, within a strict time limit, in a way that can be easily visualized, is a real skill. It’s worth investing in someone who can do it well. If you’re using lots of data, an animator/journalist team may make the most sense. They can work together to depict the data accurately without sacrificing the story.

Live action or animation?

There are benefits to using both in explainer videos. Live action is relatable ‘ people enjoy watching other people ‘ but it’s also creatively limiting (unless you’ve got a budget for special effects). You can visualize any crazy idea with animation, it’s cheaper than live action, and it’s easy to make updates if products or services change.


Once you have a video you’re proud of, get it in front of eyeballs by promoting it. Use your company website, social media outlets, interactive microsite and any other online channels you own to feature the video. Link from blog posts or Twitter, send it along with customer emails, and refer new customers to it when they purchase a product.

Looking to create explainer videos to promote your company? Contact us for a quote. We’ll assemble a team of seasoned professionals that best fits your needs.

Boost Your Online Presence With Explainer Videos

Boost Your Online Presence With Explainer Videos