What is an Explainer Video?

How are explainer videos different from other sorts of videos that also explain things? Explainer videos are specifically tailored to convey your company’s unique solution. When making videos it’s important to consider your vision and mission both for the project and the company or product as a whole. Video is a unique medium because it allows your audience to learn from visual and audial clues alike. They help you go beyond the surface, get to the point and tell a story.

There are four main steps to simple, “templated” explainer videos:

1. Problem
2. Turning Point
3. Solution
4. Call to Action

Often product marketing professionals looking to make a video or animated video will stick to this template – it’s tempting to do so. But to create content that not only sends your message, but also converts and spreads, it’s often helpful to get right to the point in a less obvious, more creative way. Visually-certified animator Nick Vaka also points out that the best explainer videos “tell a rich, thoughtful and engaging story, or make us laugh and want to share them because they’re devilishly clever. The rest? They keep us occupied for at least 5 seconds before we move onto the next thing.” Read more.

How can you create explainer videos?

Explainer videos can have a huge impact on conversions if done right – if not, they can end up being a huge investment with a very little return. Read about “7 Mistakes that Could Turn Your Corporate Video into a Corporate Disaster” for some tips. There are a number of tools available which can help you make your own animation or explainer video, but for brands to get the most out of their time and money, it’s often best to work with a corporate video production company or a professional creative who can help you tell your story in the cleanest, quickest and best possible way – from research and narration to visuals and animation so that you can capture the widest audience with a range of different learning styles with your explainer video.

Need help creating explainer videos? Be sure to check out some examples of top explainer videos created with Visually to get inspired. Then contact us with details on your project and we’ll get started crafting your team!

Explainer Video Examples: