What should be in your toolbox?

Content marketing tools can help with every aspect of content marketing campaigns, from creating content to distribution to measuring effectiveness. With so many options out there, it’s a challenge to know where to turn to find useful, user-friendly tools that actually improve on your process.

In fact, it can be hard to keep up with the types of tools that exist. Here’s a quick rundown of the different technologies content marketers should consider adopting:

Content management system: If you want to scale your content publishing, having a CMS is a must. Once you’re set up with this tool there should be few, if any, technical barriers to publishing content.

Social media management: Some amazing social media tools have sprung up in recent years. Manage all your accounts in one place. Pull together social media marketing performance data from different sources. Schedule your social media content and set up auto-responses. These tools are the perfect way to alleviate social anxiety.

Analytics: There is no content marketing if you can’t measure your performance (at least there won’t be after your new budget proposal comes in). From free tools to big data crushers, there are a range of analytics platforms for marketers of every stripe.

Marketing automation: Noting makes hands-on content marketing scalable like marketing automation tools. Let the behavior of your target audience trigger specific messaging–everywhere in the customer journey.

SEO tools: SEO may be a dirty word in some circles, but following a few best practices and keeping an eye on the competition can still pay big dividends. SEO tools help you do everything from build sitemaps to check on changes in your rankings. Especially if you produce a lot of written content, this is one content marketing wrench you don’t want to leave the shop without.

CRM Software: What do you do with all those leads? How do you segment them, score them, and know when and how to automate campaigns for them? You’ll need customer relationship management software to stay in touch.

Survey tools: Your content marketing will only be as good as your customer insights. Survey software lets you really get to know your customers. From product feedback to market research, they help you improve your content marketing strategy as you go. Surveys can also be a great tool for gathering valuable data for content creation.

These are the basics, but the more sophisticated you get, the more tools you’ll need to look out for. Need a little help actually creating social content? Contact Visually. We create original visual content for brands by matching you with a team of seasoned creative professionals.

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