Creating Content

Creating the content is the first challenge ‘ one that stops many self-starters in their tracks. There are several content marketing platforms that can help. Look for a team of seasoned professionals to work with you to create high quality infographics, videos, interactive motion graphics, web experiences, presentations, and micro-content.

Curating Content

For campaigns based on finding and sharing curated social content, platforms provide access to content that potential customers are likely to find interesting, and they provide distribution to an audience of users ready to consume it.

Releasing and Promoting Content

Once the content is prepared, it may come in different formats for different mediums (for example, infographics for websites or apps for mobile devices) and may need to be released on a regular schedule in a PR campaign, for example. It’s not easy to keep track of what goes where when, and it’s not easy to promote each individual piece of content. Platforms can help keep all of the pieces in order, and keep them working for you.

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Visual: The Anatomy of Content Marketing

The Anatomy of Content Marketing: the heart of online success