Sometimes this is done subtly, sometimes it’s more obvious, but it’s always beside the point, and this is why it appeals to the customer.

Example 1: LinkedIn’s Business Infographics

LinkedIn’s content marketing campaigns are a good example of masterful positioning at work. They have created a series of infographics that address interesting developments in the business world, many of which are the result of new marketing trends (like content marketing, for example, the very thing they’re doing’ mind blown.) Their infographic “10 Hot Job Titles That Barely Existed 5 Years Ago” does several things right:

A great example of content marketing with infographics

As a professional social network, this is a topic LinkedIn is uniquely prepared to discuss. And in fact, they mine their own database of member profiles for the data in the piece. In this way they are positioning themselves as experts in the field. The infographic is of high quality and it addresses a question/solves a problem. It’s helpful and fun to read, which cultivates positive sentiment in viewers. It targets the demographic LinkedIn is hoping to attract: young, vibrant, technologically savvy professionals. And it primes readers to see LinkedIn as the place to explore the brave new professional world. Another good example from LinkedIn is “Employees Overboard: Why employees jump ship and how much it’s costing companies”.

With this series of infographics, LinkedIn hits all the marks of good social media content marketing and new media marketing.

  • Delivering high quality content that solves problems
  • Establishing their company as an expert in the field
  • Cultivating positive sentiment for brands
  • Targeting specific demographics
  • Positioning themselves in a powerful customer-oriented space

Example 2: The Chipotle Scarecrow

Say what you will about whether or not Chipotle is as environmentally conscious as they claim, The Scarecrow is content marketing genius. This short animated video is accompanied by a mobile game that decries the industrialization of fast food:

It depicts an apocalyptic future in which all food is factory farmed in cruel ways, positioning Chipotle as the healthful alternative. The video has become a viral marketing sensation, in part because of the intense debate it has sparked about farming, health, and fast food culture. It does all of the things good social media marketing should (see above) and goes two steps further: delivering content in multiple formats on multiple devices, and engaging customers through play, all within the overarching positioning narrative. The video has been viewed over 12 million times and the related apps have over 400,000 downloads.

Example 3: The Charmin “Sit or Squat” Campaign

This is a another good example of nail-on-the-head social content marketing positioning that works. Charmin, a toilet paper company, is offering a mobile app that maps public restrooms and allows users to rate them “sit” or “squat” based on cleanliness. This content marketing campaign is engaging customers, offering something useful (cultivating positive sentiment), targeting a broad demographic (toilet paper targets everyone, really), and positioning Charmin as an authority.

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