So, as a b2b email marketer, it’s important to pay close attention to what target demographics need, and to design your b2b email marketing campaigns to appeal to them.

Effective b2b email marketing campaigns:

– Address specific needs in clear language

– Start and maintain a dialogue

– Use robust metrics

– Segment for better personalization

– Automate selectively

– Include a comprehensive review of results

What do your customers need?

Market research can help here. Once you have some idea of how your product or service addresses the needs of your customers, think about tailoring your email message. Businesses tend to be more focused than non-business consumers. They are looking for products and services that improve efficiency and productivity while saving money. They appreciate it when marketers are direct and succinct. So, try to design your b2b email marketing messaging that offers solutions clearly, without wasting time.

Start and maintain a dialogue

It may be easier to “set it and forget it” ‘ sending out email blasts without paying attention to the conversation. But it’s this back-and-forth that begins to establish relationships. Listen to what customers want, and compose messages with this in mind. It may also be helpful to use a conversational tone, editing out the business jargon.

Robust metrics

Email marketing platforms offer a suite of analytics for measuring email campaign performance. It’s important to pay attention to more than just click-through rates. Look at how much time prospects spend on your website, what pages they seem to prefer, how often they visit, and whether you can use this information to segment them.

Segmenting for better personalization

Segmenting is an email marketing term for splitting your potential customer base into groups of like individuals. Base this on their behavior ‘ things like how often they click through, how many times they’ve purchased products, whether they downloaded an offer, or whether they’ve contacted your company in the past. Even a little bit of personalization can improve your outcomes. For example, if a customer who has contacted you in the past gets an email that begins with “When you contacted us'” that customer may feel like you are speaking to her directly. She may be more likely to to take action as a result.

Selective automation

Too much automation is usually a bad thing. It often goes hand in hand with spamming, or with campaigns that don’t do enough to speak directly to the customer. But some automation can help you keep your campaign manageable. It can save time, which you can spend on analyzing metrics, or crafting your message. So, use automation when it makes sense, but use it sparingly.

A comprehensive review of analytics

When the campaign is over, take a good look at what worked and what didn’t. Repeat what worked. This will make future campaigns more effective.

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