The Importance of the First Kiss

The Importance of the First Kiss

59% men & 69% women

Report losing interest in someone they were attracted to after their first kiss.

What's in a kiss?

Kissing between romantic partners occurs in over 90% of human cultures.

There are 3 main theories as to why humans kiss:

1 Kissing assesses potential mates based on their smell and taste

2 Kissing induces bonding through the exchange of pheromones and sebum

3 Kissing increases arousal and receptivity to intercourse

Smell & Taste

Bad breath and an unpleasant taste in the mouth can be an indication of underlying health problems.

Males and females place equal importance on fresh breath.

Bad Breath=Poor Health=Less Desirable Mate


The exchange of saliva can transfer important pheromones and sebum which help to develop psycho-chemical bonds between partners.

Males prefer their kisses moist.

Mouth & Tongue Contact

Open-mouthed kissing and increased tongue contact are regarded as intimate gestures.

Half of males prefer the first kiss to be open-mouthed. A third of females like their first kiss to be open-mouthed.

The same goes for the amount of tongue contact involved in a kiss.

When asked if they would continue a relationship with a bad kisser

Females are far less tolerant of a poor kiss.

The Perfect Kiss

Nice smelling and tasting breath

Too dry

Too tame


A little tongue contact

Too smelly

Slightly moist lips

Top tips for the perfect first kiss:

Suck on a mint beforehand

Put on some lip balm

Be careful with that tongue.

Privacy is key

People want the first kiss to be special, personal and private. Not shared with a room-full of people.

Be tactile

Touch is an important signal to see how things are progressing. Break the touch barrier with your partner. If they touch you back, it's a good sign.

Know when to stop

Ten seconds is a good amount of time for a first kiss; longer and you may come on too strong, shorter and you may seem scared.

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The Importance of the First Kiss

shared by Neomam on Feb 10, 2013 in Love and Sex

The Importance of the First Kiss

shared by Neomam on Feb 10, 2013 in Love and Sex


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How many times have you dreaded making that first kiss and wished there was a guide to getting it right? We don't claim to have a magic formula, but we do have some sensible suggestions. Hopefully it ...
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