The Evolution of a Hipster


Evolution of the Hipster

photography by Josh Meister

The Emo
The Proto-Hipster's white belt and guyliner make for a soulful combination.

The Emo Redux
The skulls on her tour-only Death Cab tee don't match the skulls on her vans, so it's not like she's trying too hard.

The Ashton
His PBR trucker hat and faux vintage t-shirt reveal an obsession with "irony."

The Scenester
A gaudy tattoo appears on her chest, and she is never spotted without her iPod.

The Twee
He adores his rare-vinyl collection and tobacco pipe. Despite his 20/20 vision, he wears Buddy Holly glasses.

The Fauxhemian
She suffers for fashion, wearing a furry hat, boots and keffiyah even during the warmest months. Her new wrist tattoo is the Japanese symbol for beauty - or at least that's what the guy at the tat shop told her.

The Mountain Man
He seeks working-class authenticity, taking pride in his full beard and the fact that he's often mistaken for a homeless person.

The Vintage Queen
She shops at retro boutiques and posts Holga photos on her blog. She has said that the koi fish cover-up tattoo symbolizes "nature and love and peace and stuff."

The Williamsburg
He thoughtfully hangs shutter shades in the deep-v of his white tee, and he's often seen walking his fixed-gear bike around town while texting with his iPhone.

The Meta-Nerd
By wearing the popular three wolf moon t-shirt, today's hipster makes a mockery of herself. She has finally completed her full-sleeve tattoo.

The Evolution of a Hipster

shared by amie on May 14, 2011 in Lifestyle

The Evolution of a Hipster

shared by amie on May 14, 2011 in Lifestyle


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The hipster is the modern day hippie with their hip style, eco-friendly conscious, and vested interest in new technologies. This clever infographic follows the evolution of the hipster from the Emo o...
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