Instructional Guides

Want to teach your audience something? Have a complex internal process you want to make stick? Instructional-style infographics are a great way to do just that. They feature a tutorial tone and can use a numbered format to take readers through a process -- and make it more digestible and memorable.

Benefits of using Informational Guide Infographics:

  • Make how-to content more engaging
  • Making complex processes digestible and memorable
  • Tell a story in a visually engaging way
  • Simplify complex processes with compelling visuals
  • Easily brandable format
  • Effective leave-behinds/handouts for live trainings
  • Can be static or animated to drive increased engagement

Forget boring handbooks and manuals. Visually Instructional Guides are great for:

  • Teaching staff or clients about products and services
  • Employee and client onboarding
  • Internal product or process trainings
  • Client seminars
  • Delivering effective how-to Content