Reference Guides & Cheat Sheets

Infographics are a good choice for creating “cheat sheets” for employees, clients, or industry audiences. Since they have a standalone quality, they’re useful for quick reference for any subject matter.

Benefits of using Reference Guides & Cheat Sheets Infographics:

  • Long shelf live -- easily taped or tacked to walls or cubicles
  • Make complex concepts engaging and memorable
  • Easily brandable format
  • Optimized for embedding or sharing on company websites and social media
  • Effective leave-behind/handout for live trainings
  • Can be static or animated to drive increased engagement

Reference Guides & Cheat Sheets are great resources for many types of content, including:

  • Competitive landscapes
  • Company values
  • Core messages / brand positioning
  • Market Stats and customer demographics
  • Industry term glossaries
  • Frequency used formulas or information
  • Directories