The Fuel That Runs Your Life

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"What is belief and what does it mean to your life? 1. See the wall (Visualization) a. Visualize what you want to be b. Why can't you do it? c. Because of your beliefs 2. It doesn't matter where self-limiting beliefs come from, the more you dwell on them the more powerful they become a. Beliefs don't have to be accurate to drive our actions. Misperceptions can be fatal. This works for us and against us. 3. Mindfulness. Rewrite the programs and code of your mind by raising your level of awareness (your mind works like a computer). a. It is not enough to be aware of your limiting beliefs, you must give your mind reference points based on actions to rewrite these limiting beliefs. 4. Beliefs and motivation... stepping into the image and climbing the mountain. What are you visualizing as you climb? a. With your every step you are rewriting reference points for your mind. 5. Practical application a. Allow yourself to dream b. Understand the wall c. Actively defy self-limiting thought processes even if only in your mind. Create an intellectual construct designed to defy doubt. Nothing is impossible! 6. Next lesson: a. The beginning and end of all progress in your life b. The real reason you do or don't do everything c. Understanding and mastering this principle is probably the single most important thing to master in a lifetime... Some say it cannot even be taught but I know from experience that it can be!"


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