The IT Contingent Workforce

For more information: check out IT leaders often need to hire contingent workers to adapt to spikes in workload and to address skill gaps in a project. But to get the most out of this workforce careful attention must be paid to these workers. Just as the best, most diligent gardeners know how to get the best out of their crops: plan the best layout and location, prepare the soil, and nurture the vegetables as they grow; the same type of preparations must be applied to a contingent workforce. Though the contingent workforce is growing steadily, when it comes to getting the most out of their talent, IT leaders are struggling. So how do IT employers ensure their workers can bloom and flourish? Just as plants desire rich soil, abundant sunshine, and nourishing water, contingent workers have specific driving motivations like learning new skills and increased autonomy. Employers need to plant the seeds of success to ensure candidate's goals and interests align with what the company can offer. And, most importantly, IT leaders should examine the candidate's ability to work well with the team. To avoid workers getting stuck in the weeds, leaders should give formal and informal feedback to clarify roles, establish objectives, provide opportunities and make sure their business strategies align with the goals of their contingent workers. When contingent workers complete their projects, they should perform a transfer of knowledge and exit interviews. Effective offboarding ensures the pollination of this critical insight and knowledge into the organization's operating rhythm. Contingent labor is sprouting up everywhere. To get the most benefit from the IT team, IT leaders must be prepared with the appropriate tools: sourcing, screening, onboarding, performance management and offboarding processes. For more information about managing your garden of contingent workers contact TEKsystems today.



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