Travelling to europe

Thinking of spending the holiday in Europe? Sounds like a good choice to us. But when should you go? What are the most popular countries? And what airlines are having direct connections to Europe? Statistics learn that most North Americans travel either in spring or in the late summer to Europe. If you can, you always want to avoid the busy and more expensive sumer holidays. And you want to avoid the ‘hot’ destinations in southern Europe during July and August anyways. And did you realize that the UK, France and Germany are the top 3 travel destinations in Europe, closely followed by Italy? When I am travelling, I always try to avoid multiple flight connections as much as I can. It might not always be the cheapest solution (sometimes it really is), but hanging out at busy airports is not my favorite thing to do. In the infographic you will get a quick overview of direct flights between the US / Canada and the main airports in Europe. Although the majority of North Americans prefer to travel in a group, more and more prefer the freedom and flexibility of self-guided driving tours, bike tours and walking trips. When you ask Canadians what they think of when you mention ‘Europe’ as a destination…It doesn’t really surprise me. Check it out in the infographic.


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