Mexico Safety

When traveling outside of the United States, it is always a good idea to take precautions and understand the dangers associated with your planned destination. When considering your safety in Mexico, take the time to accurately assess the risks associated with the country. It is in human nature to be a little irrational when it comes to calculating risks. When presented with decisions that may affect our safety, we tend to be misguided. Often times, lack of good information lets our emotions make the decisions for us. We can see this when we consider things such as fear of flying, investing in the stock market and even shark attacks. When it comes to traveling in or moving to Mexico, one might recall a story or two of dangers or unfortunate events that occurred in our neighboring country. We should consider the actual facts involved in these stories before we react, and make educated decisions accordingly. When examining Mexico safety, it is important to have an accurate understanding of how much risk actually exists. We might have heard a horror story on the news, but there are also many other horror stories that occur here in the United States - in your state, your city or even your neighborhood. The take away is not to be afraid to leave your home for fear of what risks are out there in the world. In reality, Mexico is not as dangerous as the media sensationalism makes it out to be. In fact, according to many statistics, staying in your home, one could argue can be just as risky - if not more. So how safe is Mexico compared to where you live or in comparison to other popular travel or retirement destinations? Read the entire Report in this infographic on the Safety of Mexico.


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