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Men vs Women on Holiday

wego® MEN VS WOMEN ON HOLIDAY Men and women are wired differently but travel brings out different things in different people 1. All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go MEN WOMEN Happy to have a woman select a destination and allow them to plan, book and pack a 'couple of things' In depth destination research, early planning and hotel/flight bookings. Key components in luggage: hair dryer, make-up, large range of shoes, no matter what the destination for him 2. What to see... This way. No, that way! MEN WOMEN It's about the adventure of the unknown, historical sites, best photographic view, Where are the shops and markets? Always first to grab the best deckchairs on the beach or around the pool. and most importantly - great food. 3. Leaving the world behind MEN WOMEN What's wrong with watching TV while on holidays? This becomes critical during key sporting Perfect opportunity to trade his TV watching for extra shopping time and budget. Who wants to watch TV on holidays anyway? events or finals season. 4. Being pampered MEN WOMEN Pampering means unlimited time to snooze, watch TV and maybe a book. High priority holiday experience! He can watch the kids. Cocktails at the pool, as much possible Spa time, and breakfast in bed sounds good. 5. Managing the kids MEN WOMEN Mission is to wear children out with It's dad's turn. Her attention is fishing, swimming, trekking and indulge them in ice cream sundaes instead of proper lunch meals. only required when exhaustion has set in and its bath time. Ice Cream 6. Say something romantic MEN WOMEN Away from the daily stress of work, The veil of romance descends the men are more inclined to evolve into moment she steps on the plane. the most romantic of creatures High expectations of attentiveness and conversation emerge 7. Keeping up with the online world MEN WOMEN 20% 55% Does the hotel have WiFi? Generally very happy to leave the 35% Even on holidays it's difficult online world behind. Work? to completely disengage from the outside world They'll cope. 8. Coming Home MEN WOMEN Post-holiday blues sets in, with bags Sad it's over but the routine machine open but not unpacked for days, either not wanting to let go or hoping she will unpack for him. fires up, every purchase is displayed and trip detail shared with friends. Time to start planning the next trip! wego ПШI

Men vs Women on Holiday

shared by megacaesaria on May 08
What's the different between Men vs Women on Holiday? Have a look!


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