8 Facts About Ellis Island .

8 Facts you may or may not know about
Ellis Island

It was called Gibbet Island in the early 18th century after a group of pirates were hung from gibbets there.

Immigrants had to answer 29 questions to gain citizenship. Approximately 2 percent of all immigrants failed due to criminal records, disease, or other undesirable responses.

The stations dining room was capable of housing approximately 1,000 people at once.

The remains of 6 Native Americans were removed from Ellis and Liberty Islands and have since been returned to their resting places by the National Park Service.

The immigration station processed its last immigrants on November 12, 1954. Today, it functions as a museum.

As immigration slowed during World War I, the island was used as a way-station for the Army and Navy.

A kitchen fire on June 15, 1897 destroyed the entire station. The flow of immigrants had to rerouted to a temporary location until the station was rebuilt and reopened in 1900.

At its peak in 1907, the Immigration Station processed a record 1.25 million immigrants; 11,747 were processed in a single day.

8 Facts About Ellis Island .

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Every year hundreds of tourists flock to New York City to take in the sights and the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are two major must-see destinations. Ellis Island is now a national park and mus...
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