50 Most Popular Travel Destinations

50 most Popular Travel Destinations

The results are in for 2011. Here are the 50 most popular travel destinations worldwide. We took a list of the 50 top tourist attractions in the world. When we started to group them into categories, some interesting trends emerged. Piers anyone?



Seaside Attractions


Amusement Parks


Public Places

Number represent visitors per year

Public Places 151,247,993

An attraction qualified as a Public Place if it was free to enter. And that's possibly why it's the most popular category.

Times Square, New York City, Ny 39,200,000

Central Park, New York City, Ny 38,000,000

Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada 29,467,000

Golden Gate Park, San Fransisco California 13,000,000

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong 10,088,493

The Zocalo, Mexico City 10,000,000

Bourbon Street, New Orleans 6,017,500

Hollywood Walk Of Fame, California 5,475,000


Every December, approximately 1 million people gather in Times Square to usher in the New Year.

Heritage 144,236,235

Most of these heritage sites were easy to group, as UNESCO had done the work for us. And if they're not world heritage sites yet, we think they will be.

Union Station, Washington DC 37,000,000

Grand Central Terminal, New York City, Ny 21,600,000

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris 13,650,000

Forbidden City, Beijing 12,830,000

Sacre Coeur Basilica, Paris 10,500,000

Great Wall of China 9,000,000

Musee Du Louvre, Paris 8,500,000

Sydney Opera House, Sydney 7,400,000

Eiffel Tower, Paris 6,700,000

Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C. 6,042,315

The Palace Of Versailles 5,900,000

The Colosseum, Rome 5,113,920


In its first three gears Union Station was home to 1000 events,including concerts, balls and exhibitions.

Amusement Parks 134,963,172

There's no other way of saying this: Disney owns it!

Disney World Magic Kingdom, Florida 16,972,000

Disneyland Park,California 15,980,000

Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo 14,452,000

Epcot, Walt Disney World Resort, Florida 10,825,000

Disneyland Park, Paris 10,500,000

Disney's Hollywood Studies, Lake Buena Vista, Florida 9,603,000

Universal Studios Japan, Osaka 8,160,000

Everland, Gyeonggi-do 6,884,000

Islands Of Adventure At Universal Orlando, Florida 5,949,000

Lotte World, Seoul 5,551,000

Disneyland, Hong Kong 5,200,000

Ocean Park,Hong Kong 5,100,000

Sea World, Florida 5,061,172

Universal Studios, Hollywood California 5,040,000


Disneyland's busiest days (the days to book around!) are Thanksgiving. Christmas and the 4th of July.Among the quietest are the first week in January.

Market 48,370,100

We were surprised to see this category emerge, but we hope it's a sign of a growing trend.

Faneuil Hall Market Place, Boston 18,000,000

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul 15,000,000

Pike Place Market, Seattle 10,000,000

French Market, New Orleans 5,370,100


In the picturesque setting of Faneuil Hall Marketplace you will find 49 shops, 44 carts,13 restaurents and 35 stalls. They sell everything from food to jewellery.

Seaside Attractions 42,010,000

Ok. There weren't quite enough piers for them to warrant their own category.

Pier 39,San Francisco 14,000,000

Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront,Hong Kong 10,320,000

South Street Seaport, New York City 9,000,000

Navy Pier, Chicago 8,690,000


PIER 39 has 110 shops and 14 restaurants, but the biggest draw may be the views of Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco skyline.

Natural 31,963,538

Only two attractions made the 'natural category',but their visitor numbers ranked higher than all five museums put together.

Niagra Falls 22,500,000

Great Smoky Mountains National Park 9,463,538


The Niagara falls are listed among the Seven Natural Wonders of North America. The highest point is 173 feet.

Museums 31,220,298

Last but not least... Not everyone loves knowledge, culture and information as much as we do.

National Air And Space Museum, Washington D.C. 8,300,000

Smithsonian Museum Of Natural History, Washington D.C. 6,800,000

British Museum, London 5,842,138

Metropolitain Museum Of Art, New York City, Ny 5,216,988

Tate Modern, London 5,061,172


The National Air and Space museum is the most visited museum in the world with an annual budget of $28 million.

50 Most Popular Travel Destinations

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The Results are in for 2011. Here are the 50 most popular travel destinations worldwide.
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