10 Amazing Facts About Dubai

10 Amazing Facts About Dubai

Dubai is an awesome city with lots of things to do and hence has been one of the favorite holiday destination. Here are 10 astonishing facts about Dubai.

Crime. It is virtually zero across the city. Dubai is the safest place on earth.

Religion. Religious openness is practiced in Dubai. Christian churches stand a mere few blocks from Muslim mosques.

Post. Global cities require street addresses for couriers to find their destinations. Dubai has non. Posts are instead delivered to PO boxes.

Population. Half of the people living in Dubai are Indians. Only 17% of the population is composed of Emirates. The rest are immigrants.

Tax. You don���t need to pay personal income tax in Dubai 0%.

Tourism. While Dubai���s economy was built on oil the emirate no relies on tourism, trade and real estate to keep the money flowing.

Records. World���s tallest structure tallest hotel, biggest mall, worlds biggest Aquarium and the Second largest man-made Marina.

Roads. In 1968, there were reportedly only 13 cars in the whole city today. Today traffic is so bad that double decker roads have been introduced.

Cranes. Around 20% of the world���s cranes are currently operating in Dubai.

Weather. There are 360 sunny days a year.

10 Amazing Facts About Dubai

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10 Amazing Facts About Dubai - All in an easy to read infographic, enjoy :)
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