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How Safe are Uber Drivers

HOWSAFE ARE UBER DRIVERS? Uber is an app that connects riders with drivers. These drivers are independent contractors who work their own hours, are their own boss and drive their own cars. Popular services include uber, uberBlack and uberTaxi COVERAGE: -50 countries -250 cities VALUE: $40 billion The company's safety practices and driver screening has come under intense scrutiny. Netherlands Germany France (Paris)· Belgium (Brussels) Spain Dec 2014 Seoul (South Korea) Delhi (India) Thailand CRIMES OF UBER DRIVERS vehicular physical assault kidnapping sexual assault manslaughter Countries and Cities where Uber is illegal Portland Dec 2014 Boston Nov 2013 6-year-old girl was killed, and her mother and 4-year-old brother were injured Dec 2013 Chicago Philadelphia June 2014 Las Vegas Washington D.C. San Francisco March Alexandria 2014 July 2014 Sept 2014 An Uber driver hit a passenger on the head with a claw hammer July 2014 July 2014 Austin o Orlando •-.... Sept 2014 WHAT UBER IS DOING TO BE SAFER BACKGROUND CHECKS All Uber drivers go through a back- ground check. Uber requires that drivers have no: 7 years of county and federal courthouse records 1. DUI or other drug related driving violations or severe infractions in the past 10 years 2. Hit and Runs Multi-State Criminal Database going back 7 years 3. Fatal accidents National Sex 4. History of reckless driving 5. Violent crimes Offender Registry 6. Sexual offenses 7. Gun related violations 8. Resisting/evading arrest 9. Driving without insurance or suspended license charge in the past 3 years Social Security Trace (lifetime) Motor Vehicle Records (historical and ongoing) NEW TECHNOLO- GIES FOR DRIVERS SCREENING The following sources are checked in the US: Biometrics, voice verification and even polygraph exams. 3 GPS TRACKING OF EVERY RIDE 2-WAY FEEDBACK SYSTEM • Riders rate their experience at the end of every trip, and drivers do the same. NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN THE PROCESS • Uber ensures that only drivers with the best rating stay on the road. Creating technology that allows riders the instant ability to communicate with Uber and their loved ones in the event of an emergency. • Bad feedback may lead to de- activating a partner (driver or passenger) from the system. ***** ***** INSURANCE POLICY Coverage of up to $1 million per incident WHAT INSURED LOS IS COVERED No Processes that work at the moment in Uber Driver liability while en route to a pick up or carrying a pas- senger. Bodily injury, property damage, and accidents by uninsured motorists. Processes that are being developed by Uber No PROBLEMS WITH UBER SAFETY SYSTEM PRECESS (See above) PROBLEMS Uber is not going to use fingerprinting like taxi services BACKGROUND CHECKS NEW TECHNOLO- Alleged perpetrators can have clean records; GIES FOR DRIVERS SCREENING • no way to foolproof back- ground checks; • basic online screenings are not always adequate; • the entire process of driver screening is automated, when human interventionis needed; • in many places outside the U.S., the infrastructure and complexity of background checks vary significantly. 3 GPS TRACKING OF EVERY RIDE Can be viewed as a clear invasion of driver and passenger privacy Uber can use other possible types of checks include training, in-person meetings and interviews, psychological and honesty tests, past employment checks and supervision. 2-WAY FEED- BACK SYSTEM There are many ways to falsify reviews The ride-sharing community should focus on putting time and money into establishing a standardized protocol for safe driver screening. Not clear what it does and does not cover in cer- tain circumstances, diffi- cult for passenger to use INSURANCE POLICY References: CFHpgzcfloBYiTfWgoqYOK/story.html Background HOW CAN UBER FIX THIS PROBLEMS

How Safe are Uber Drivers

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Uber is an app that connects riders with drivers. These drivers are independent contractors who work their own hours, are their own boss and drive their own cars. The company’s safety practices and...


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