How to Park

Where can't you park?

On a cycle track

On an urban clearway during its hours of operation

In a tram or bus lane during its hours of operation

Where there are red lines on the road

On a single yellow line during restricted hours

On double yellow lines

Where you may obstruct an access route

In front of a dropped kerb or on verges or pavements

On a pedestrian crossing, including areas marked by zig-zags

On land you think is privately owned.

In a blue badge bay

How to..

Reverse Parallel park

1. Find a suitable space. This should be a space that you can get your car into without damaging anyone's else vehicle. Ideally the space should be a few meters longer than your car.

2. Pull uo as close to car 'A' as possible and straighten up so the 2 cars are parallel to each other. Even if the cars are different length, line up the back of your car with the back of car 'A'

3. Now stop and turn your steering wheel all the way to the left. Don't move whilst you are doing this.

4. Turn around and look out of the back of the car and start reversing very slowly towards car 'B'. Do not move your wheel from it's fully turned position.

5. Stop reversing when the front right corner of car 'B' is exactly om the middle of your rear windscreen.

6. Whilst stopped, turn your wheel back to the middle position.

7. Continue reversing until your car has literally just passed car 'A'

8. Stop and turn your wheel fully to the right. Don't move the car whilst you're doing this.

9. Continue reversing slowly towards car ���B�۪ do not move your wheel from its fully turned position.

10. Once your car is parallel, stop and turn your wheel back to the centre position.

Reverse parking into a Bay.

1. Move car forward to the start point. This is 3 parking lines in front of the bay you want to reverse into when that line is half way through the front passenger door.

2. Before moving backwards, look around for any approaching pedestrians, cyclists or other vehicles. When clear, turn and look out of the back window, and whilst slowly reversing turn the wheel to a fell left lock.

3. Fully glance into your left wing mirror until you see line A appear. Use line 'A' as a reference point to guide you into the bay.

4. As the car starts to move round into the bay, line 'B' will appear in your right hand wing mirror. Keep checking lines 'A' and 'B' in both wing mirrors to keep an even distance from them. Remember the slower you do this, the easier it will be.

5. As soon as lines A and B look parallel with the car in the side mirrors, straighten the wheel up (usually about 1.5 turns from full lock) Remember, if you need to adjust steer towards whichever line you want to get closer to.

Forward Parking into a Bay

1. Approach slowly with the empty space on your right hand side, line up your driver side mirror with the number plate of the car parked just before the space you wish to use.

2. Signal and then begin turning your steering

wheel hand over hand to the right 2.5 times.

3. When your car is in the space and straight bring

back your steering wheel 1.5 times to left. You'll know

you�۪re in the space correctly when your driver side

mirror is lined up with the mirror of the car next to you.

Parking facts and stats

�1.3 billion

Parking related claims cost

insurers � 1.3 billion last year.

1 in 6

1 in 6 drivers will never leave insurance details if they hit a parked car.

20% 15%

Men are more likely to have a car park prang than women, with 20% of men admitting to a parking related accident compared to just 15% of women.


4,131,738 penalty charge notices issued for

parking contraventions in the reporting year period


Cars are estimated to spend an average of only

4 to 4% of their time in transit, about 80% of their

time parked at home and the remaining

16% parked at a destination

twwhite and sons

established 1964

Established in 1964, T W White & Sons remains true to

its roots as a traditional family run car dealer group,

looking after customers and their motoring needs across

South-East England.

How to Park

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