How Dangerous are Motorcycles, Really?

How dangerous are motorcycles, really?
Before you buy that new hog, see how motorcycles stack up against cars in traffic safety. We’ve complied the most recent statistics on motorcycle and passenger vehicle accidents to show you just how dangerous it can be out on the open road.
Motorcycles vs. Cars

Involved in fatal crashes 2010
Motorcycles 4,309
Cars 22,263
Crash rate per vehicle mile traveled
Motorcycle 35 crashes per 100 million miles
Cars 1.7 crashes per 100 million miles
Percentages of accidents caused by speeding
Motorcycles 37%
Cars 23%
Number of accidents caused by alcohol
Motorcycles 1 in 3
Cars 1 in 4
Percentages of accidents involving an invalid license
Motorcycle 21%
Cars 14%
Percentage of crashes resulting in injury or death
Motorcycle 98%
Car 2%
What happens in a motorcycle crash?
Riders not wearing an approved, full-faced motorcycle helmet at the time of crash are susceptible to facial disfiguration, concussions and brain damage
Joints are easily broken in a wreck, especially the shoulders and pelvis
Road rash resulting and muscle damage is common amongst riders not wearing proper motorcycle apparel, such as a leather jacket
Negev damage causing total arm paralysis can occur (“Biker’s Arm)
Motorcycle Collision:
¼ collide with fixed object
¾ collide with another vehicle
Motorcycle Deaths by age
33% over 50
22% 40-49
18% 30-39
26% under 29
Motorcycle Riders
Under 40
36x more likely to be killed than other drivers the same age
20x more likely to be killed than other drivers the same age

How Dangerous are Motorcycles, Really?

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Many people ride motorcycles because they are affordable, offer cheap insurance and are great on gas mileage; however, the dangers might outweigh the benefits when looking at these surprising statisti...
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