12 Most Dangerous Cars of all Time

12 Most Dangerous Cars Of All Time


Ford Pinto

27 people killed in explosions

The American version of the Ford Capri didn���t fare well in accidents. Actually, rear end accidents in particular - as the badly placed fuel tank had a habit of blowing up without warning. Great

Chevrolet Corvette

Killed more people than any other car in history

Blaming the driver for this one really - but the sheer power and speed of the 1980s Chevrolet Corvette was too much for many to handle

Geely CK1

0/5 NCAP Stars

This relatively modern car, built by the Chinese, scores an impressive nothing when it comes to the NCAP ratings. ...���poor��� in all areas

Audi 5000

Linked to 6 deaths and 700 accidents

When this car was first released, it was plagued with engine problems and unintended acceleration issues - launching the car, and occupants, into nearby objects.


Engines Destroyed Themselves

The Yugo GV was practically impossible to own and drive for a length of time, as engines would literally, and dangerously, rattle themselves


Smart FourTwo

Airborne at 40mph?

There are lots of positives to the Smart FourTwo - but safety isn't one of them. Apparently occupants in crashes were exposed when some cars in tests spun 450 degrees whilst airborne at 40mph

Pontiac Fiero

Hundreds of Fire Incidents

The Pontiac Fiero often ran out of oil and caught fire once the residues had leaked in to the fuel tank, Caused a lot of misery at petrol stations..

Chevrolet Vega

Broke in Half a lot

Widely believed to have contributed to GM���s downfall - the Vega was a rust bucket and a disaster waiting to happen, Many literally broke apart on bumps or tracks

Suzuki Samurai

An unstable 4x4

For a small 4x4, the Suzuki Samurai was inherently unstable and was prone to rolling over on rough ground. As you can imagine - pretty dangerous

Kia Rlo

Worst record on multi-occupant deaths in its class

Proof that this isn���t just reserved for ancient cars - the old variant of the Kia Rio, still being produced, ranks consistently badly in accidents

Nissan Titan

Engine issues

126 deaths per million cars

The Nissan Titan was built to be rugged - however its popularity has also lead to increased deaths when people take it to extremes

The Corvair

Fancy toxic fumes in the cabin? Why not

The Corvair goes does in history with multiple issues - from toxic fumes in the cabin to being impaled by the steering wheel in accidents


12 Most Dangerous Cars of all Time

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What are the most dangerous cars of all time? This infographic shows 12 of the most lethal cars ever produced - what's wrong with them and the stats behind the stories.
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