World's Largest Aircraft

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Since its maiden flight from Sydney to Singapore, the A380 has been stirring quite a buzz and is touted as the largest aircraft in the world today. It carries up to 450 passengers with its double-decker design and is 72.7 meters long, which is twice the length of a blue whale! Impressed? Read on for even more amazing facts about this enormous commercial flyer.



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THE AIRBUS A380. A BIG PLANE. The world’s largest aircraft, the A380 made its landmark debut with Singapore Airlines, carrying 450 passengers on its first flight to Sydney from Singapore. To prepare for the super jumbo jet’s arrival, Sydney Airport authorities spent $128 million to upgrade its infrastructure which Included the widening of runways, the reinforcement of underground tunnels and the construction of special air bridges to accommodate the A380’s double-decker design. Big fuss for a plane? Here are some facts to put it in perspective. 3600 L The amount of paint required for the 3,100 m2 exterior of the air craft. That’s enough for Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel 97 times. 72.7 METRES LONG = 2 blue whales 24.1 METRES HIGH = a 10-storey building = 5 giraffes Qantas is adding 20 A380s to its fleet at a total cost of $6.7 billion. That’s 3 times the GDP of Greenland ($2.2 billion) or 13 Sydney Opera Houses. 80 METRE WINGSPAN = 35 wedge-tail eagles = twice the distance of the Wright Brother’s first flight FUEL ECONOMY (L/100KM) Airbus 380 <5 Toyota Prius 5 Hummer H2 25 580 TONNES = 165 elephants = 19 cement mixers = 362 holden commodores = 6373 (flying) pigs The A380 only consumes 4.05L per passenger 100km (based on the 525 configuration). The Prius consumes 4.7L per 100km (combined driving mode) and the Hummer H2 guzzles 25L per 100km. The A38O burns 17% less fuel per passenger compared to other large aircraft. It produces less than 75g of C02 per passenger (half the European target for cars manufactured in 2008). 3000 SUITCASES The cargo space of the A380. = 5.7 suitcases per person FLIGHT CENTRE Unbeatable

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