The World of Batteries Today

Over the years, the function of batteries as we know them have drastically changed. Previously, they were considered to be just small household items, powering remote controls and RC cars. With the technological boom in the past decade or two, however, batteries have growing in size and have seen increased use in many of our common, everyday electronics, from laptops, smartphones, digital cameras, power tools and, recently, even our vehicles. There is no doubt that batteries will continue to play an integral part of our lives, but there are some questions that still plague the common consumer. For example, when shopping for a new battery for your laptop or camera, how do you know if the replacement battery you’re buying is a good one? And what should one do with their old, used battery? In just one infographic, we’ve assembled some of the best bits of information one might need about batteries, from helpful guidelines when battery shopping, to websites that will direct you to the nearest recycling center. Batteries, while powerful, are also dangerous to the environment and should always be disposed of properly. Also included are general tips as to how long batteries typically last, which could help you figure out when you’re due for a new one.



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