Why Magento Is Now The Best E-Commerce Solution

Why Magento is now the Best E-Commerce Solution?

Distinguishing Features of Magento

E-commerce Platform

Product Display Options

Mobile Templates

Transaction Options

Multi-store and Multi-site Functionality

User Accounts

Loyalty Programs

Product Categorization

Shopper Filtering

Discount and Promotion Rules

Web Platform

Has its own Model-View-Controller (MVC) model

Differs with other traditional models

Magento makes use of:

Layout file

(to control what is displayed on each view)


(can be easily inserted into any view)

Model Re-write System

Economic Impact of the Magento E-commerce Platform

Forrester Consulting

Created a COMPOSITE MERCHANT from interviews of

Magento Merchants

Migrated from other e-commerce solutions


Annual Online Sales


3 Year Risk-Adjusted Cost & Benefits

ROI = 159%

Payback period (in months) = 5.8

Total benefits (present value) $4,594,156

Total costs (present value) $1,773,730

Net present value $2,820,426


Frequent Marketing Activities

Sales Events

Site Optimization

Total Revenue Uplift 17.3%

Attributable to Magneto Platform 20%

The SECRET why Mageneto has Become More Popular than osCommerce

Mageneto is now officially the





Key feature That Will Help Your Store Up and Running

Analytics and Reporting

Customer Accounts

Customer Service

Order Management




International Support

Marketing Promotions and Tools

Site Management

Product Browsing

Encryption key

Search Engine Optimization

Catalog Management

Catalog Browsing

Key advantages of Magento over osCommerce

Easy to Update Shopping Cart

By Varien - is active in updating the codes and fix bugs

Add-on Modules

With new and important capabilities

Needs Guidance to Operate

Runs Slow

Heavily Layered

Overly Complicated Coding Styles

Required Lots of time to do customizations

Nice Default Template

Well Organized Back-end

Magento Extensions

The Benefits and Value

Establish professional and customized stores

Open Source E-Commerce platform and framework

Provision for additional extension development where custom Magneto extensions can be created and added to the store

Offer a large number of functions and facilities that will do store owners exact needs

Availability of various and diverse extensions that will provide a cost effective solution

Add great value to stores and have creative and functional facilities

Why Magento Is Now The Best E-Commerce Solution

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This is an infographic about the best e-commerce solution these days. Magento is one of the most successful e-commerce platforms in the market because they provide innovative features like mobile temp...
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