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SEO Ranking Factor 2013

OFF PAGE JOCAL FACTORS Places OGLE AUTHORSHI bte e mee in which factors contribute to yours coming Links inchunion of elevent Links A tance of Spenmmy Links Cakulated une of Anchor Text CONTENT ENGAGEMENT ITEMS INTERNAL LINK FLOW LintFlow Me on Pilar Pag SEO Rankings CODE ON PAGE There are many factors that add to your SEO Rankings both on-page and off-page. Here is a section of example to consider and some tips on marking sure your SEO Campaign is up to scratch. On Page A Number of On-Page Factors can affects your search Engine Rankings. sitemap robots.txt keywords t we SEO process with roper kyworgseah ne kan rde are descrtive and re toyour geeand e sharng fokders images extemal site links ks on other webstes with simr your website HTMLcueyd content can improve your ank with rch engin URLS ba.certeoduct cgoryduct a rel="nofollow" <meta> pper m rions ge title> use renollowin anchor tage when Bng to awebe that is i vand o your s w p web bots from using 404 <h1> tvant ant struhdheding k d s con aftoct yyor malrtaln 301 rwaders r pages that were indnd before when you change the of the derptionor g 5000 Visitors keyword 1 2000 Visitors Do your Keyword research Use Relevent keywords Naturall - Dont overuse of keyword k!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "| -transitional.dtd"> khtml xmlns=""> khead> kmeta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"/> <title>Search Engine optimization, web & Mobile Development Company India</title> kmeta name="description" content="Information of the content of pages" /> klink rel="canonical" href="http://www.XYZ.COM/simplepage.html" /> kmeta name="author" content="The Page Author" /> kmeta name="copyright" content="Copyright by SEOOUTSOURCINGINDIA.COM" /> kmeta name="robots" content="NOYDIR, NOODP" /> kmeta name="owner" content="SE0OUTSOURCINGINDIA.COM" /> klink href="" rel="publisher" /> klink href="" rel="author" /> k/head> <body> khi>This is the Heading 1</hl> Here Your content Introduction kh2>This is the Sub-heading or Sub title</h2> Here you can put more content k/body> k/html> FOR ALL PAGES AND POSTS ON YOUR SITES, OPTIMIZE • Title Tag It could be said that the title is one of the most important factors for a successful search engine optimization of your website. Located within the <head> section, right above the Description and Keywords tag, it provides summarized information about your website. Besides that, the title is what appears on earch engines result page (SERP). The title tags should be between 10-60 characters. This is not a law, but a relative guideline - a few more symbols is not a problem, you won't get penalized for having longer title tags, but the search engine will simply ignore the longer part. Make sure the most important keyword you have decided to fight for is used in your title tag and as early in the phrase as possible. O Description Tag: The description tag should be written in such way that it will show what information your website contains or what your website is about. Write short and clear sentences that will not confuse your visitors. The description tag should be less than 200 characters. The meta description tag also has a great importance for the SEO optimization of your page. It is most important for the prospect visitor when looking at the search engine result page - this tag is often displayed there and helps you to distinguish your site from the others in the list. Again, use one or more of your most important keywords in that tag. O Meta Robots Meta Robots tags are of four types and it helps you to know how your website will get crawled by various search engines. Below are some of its type: Index, Follow – Here your website will be started getting crawled by search engine from its Index or Main page and then rest of the pages are done. Index, NoFollow – In this stage your website will start getting crawled by search engine from its Index or Main page but there after it does not continue with rest Nolndex, Follow Here in this stage the Main or Index page is being skipped by search engine robots and rest of the pages are being crawled. Nolndex, NoFollow – Finally in this stage search engine robots do not crawl any pages of your website and thus your site is not being indexed. the pages. O Google + Authorship code Link to your Google+ profile using rel="author" The Authorship Process What you need to know is that Google neds to complete a cicuit of enfed rust betweenitand an utho's published content. For you to paricipate n this pogram, you nee o hwve wothings: 1) Averified dgialidenity owned by Google ha inks toyour pubished content (a Google polie) 2) Your published content needs to reference you as the author and ink back to the verfed dgial denity As of tis wing, Gogle support thre methods of veriying that rust. The methods approved by Googleiclude a 3-ink, a 24ink, and an emai verication method. Let's define these methods: 3-Link Method. The 3-ink method is used with sites that host content pages that link to an author biography page on the same domain. All o the cotent pages link to he athorbiography page, the author biography page iks t the author's Google+ prfie, and the Googlet profle links o the author biography page, as shown below:. Contributor to Google+ profile page Author biography page rel="me" Author's content page Google+ profile page Contributor to Blog home page rel="author" Author's content page Google+ profile page Author's content page on Work email: "by Author Name" linked to [email protected] [email protected] Content Marketing 27,000,000 pieces of content are shared every day GOOD QUALITY UNIQUE USEFUL so people will read it 80% of custmers believe so people will find it that organizations providing custom content are unique om building good relationships with them engaging News LINKABLE FREQUENT NATURAL People will share people dont want content keyword stuffing unique content via so people rely on social networks you as a source or on their websites This is Google penguin Safe SEO flow chart that will be implemented in your site. Quality Content Webite Usability Site Architecture Meta Content Website Indexabilty Quality Article Content On-Page SEO Themed Links Quality Back- links Top Human Edited Article Directories Bing Web 2.0 Properties No Spam / Empty Links Off-Page SEO Google 1st Page Ranking 100% White Hat SEO Tactics Manual SEO Service 100% Done by Human Hands without any bots used Yahoo Deep Linking Search engines compliance work Proper Keyword Research Semantic Keywords Diversified Anchor Texts Social Signals 70% of Internet users use social media GET YOUR BE PRESENT BE ENGAGED CONTENT SHARED Actively keep your Let your customers know you're listening - help them and encourage On any content that you produce, make sure that you make social sharing as easy as possible using social share buttons (you can social media channels updated - but don't overdo it. More posts do not mean a higher amount of engagement - in fact, it can be quite the conversation. If a customer replies to your social media update, don't leave them find the code on social hanging. network sites) opposite. Generating inbound link Content Marketing BLOG POSTS GUEST POSTS VIDEOS INFOGRAPHICS Why Your SEO Requireds to be up to Scratch? 85% of users never scroll past the first page of search results The top Listing in Google Orgnic Search You need to rank high for your websites otherwise your potential customers may switch to your competitors Choose Our Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies who believe that 'in order to be good in the digital world, one has to be a great solution for your customer's problems.' They use different marketing strategies to pull the crème of the crowd. Though Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not the best marketing strategy in the international market, it is still something that can return 100 percent of an investment. We're more concerned in driving revenue for your business and making you a digital marketing hero at your company. Source : SEO Outsourcing ndia http://uww html SOCIAL FACTOR TALTO Sacia Se

SEO Ranking Factor 2013

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A Complete Guide SEO Ranking Factor 2013 - We are leading search engine Optimization (SEO) Company India we provide first page placement guaranteed for local and national search engine ranking results...


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