Most Awaited Technological Devices of 2013

2013 has a lot in store as far as technology is concerned. A lot of big names are expected to launch their new range of products. It will be interesting to see as to which technology will achieve the maximum popularity from the user's end. Surely, the year will turn out to be a revolutionary year in the ever blooming techno arena.





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Most Awaited Technological DEVICES OF 2013 Think next techno gadgets to surround the users this year Apple iTV4 4 OD channel with a home screen Bluetooth keyboard Speech control through a microphone DVD playback and cloud based data transfer Alternative of cable, satellite provider Wireless networking through 802.11ac iTV The next generation product from Apple Inc. comes in the form of a television using voice control from Siri; a web browser which is TV based, and has an iOS operating system Samsung's Bendable Phone Unbreakable, Youm display OLED - organic LED display technology Plastic enclosure 800x480 OLED screen 8 MP camera 1GB RAM and 1.2 GHz Processor A unique Smartphone which has a flexible and bendable OLED display and consists of a hard covering of match box size attached to a Windows 8 based colored screen which is thin as paper. Microsoft XBOX 720 Blu-ray disc drive "Kinect 2.0" motion detection technology Directional audio Augmented reality glasses Xbox live interface Graphics hardware XBOX 720 features with the new Illumiroom technology that creates a gaming experience; quite impressive in nature leading to an actual change in the room's appearance. Fujitsu Lifebook Laptop+tablet+phone+camera+a pressure sensitive keypad 9.9 mm in thickness and 574 grams of total weight 10.1 inch screen with 1366x768 display resolution Waterproof and dust resistant Intel Atom Processor with 2 GB RAM 64 GB expendable storage Named as QH582, a 3-in-1 slim ultra book acting as a laptop, a tablet when the screen is detached and a Smartphone due to the presence of the Windows 8 operating system. Google Glass Head-mounted display to display augmented reality 4G GPS technology Video chats Map accessibility Internet viewing Photo capture and sharing A full features technology spectacle from Google with head mounted display to generate augmented reality information like a Smartphone. Microsoft Surface Pro Windows 8 OS and supports Windows 7 applications Intel Core i5 processor 4GB RAM and inbuilt graphics 13.5 mm of thickness and 900 grams in weight 10.6 inch display and a true HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels Another highly flat surface tablet from Microsoft is thicker than the Surface RT version and promises to be much more effective than the original Surface tablet. Toshiba's Quad Full HDTV 84-inch screen A dual core processor 3840x2160 pixels per inch resolution Cinema quality processing engine Pseudo-local dimming with an LED backlight Passive 3D graphics Ultra-thin bezel A high end television which is four times greater than a normal 1080p HD TV. It provides a mesmerizing experience for applications, photos, games, television shows and movies. Sony C650X Odin 5-inch screen 1080p screen resolution with 440 PPI A quad core 1.5 GHz processor 2 GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory 13 MP camera Front camera at bottom of the handset Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS Termed as Xperia X, it's a superlative smartphone form Sony Corporation in the Xperia series.