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M12 & 1/2-20" Connectors Keyway Chart

KEYWAY CHART MI2 &1/2-20 CONNECTORS CIRCULAR M12 AND 2-20" CORDSETS AND RECEPTACLES ARE AVAILABLE IN A VARIETY OF PIN CONFIGURATIONS AND WIRE COLOR CODES. IN ADDITION TO A VARIETY OF PIN OUT AND COLOR CODE DIFFERENCES, EACH OF THESE CONNECTORS ALSO HAS DISTINCT KEYWAYS. BELOW IS A CHART DISPLAYING THESE KEYWAYS. MICRO-DC The Micro-DC (MDC) series, also known as micro-change or M12, is one of the most widely used industrial quick disconnects in the industrial market. Despite the name, these euro-style connectors can be used in both AC or DC applications. The uses of these applications in industrial automation are ess, but they are commonly used in factory automation for items such as sensors, actuators, A-CODE motors, switches, safety light curtains and mats, and interlock switches to name a few. MICRO-DC (MDC) COLOR CODE with Male Faceview 2 Pole 3 Pole 4 Pole 5 Pole 2.White 2.White 3.Blue 3.Brown 3.Black 1.Brown 3.Blue 4.Blue 1.Brown 5.Gray 1. Brown 4.Blue 4.Black 4.Black 6 Pole 8 Pole 10 Pole 12 Pole 2.White 3.Green 3.Green 2.Brown 3.Green 2.Brown 2.Brown 3.Blue 4.Yellow 1.Brown 1.White 1.White 4.Yellow 10.Tan 4.Yellow 10.Tan 9.Orange 5.Gray 1.White 4.Black 6.Pin k 8.Red S 10 7.Blue 5.Gray. 9.Orange 11.Black 5.Gray 6. Pink 8. Red 5.Gray 6. Pink 8.Red 6.Pink 7.Blue 7.Blue | 12.Violet EURO-AC The EURO-AC(MEC) series has a reversed single keyway which is known as B-code. This allows two unique M12 connectors to be mounted on the same panel without fear of incorrectly coupling connectors to equipment with varrying voltage and amperages. B-CODE EURO-AC (MEC) COLOR CODE with Male Faceview 3 Pole 4 Pole 5 Pole 2.White 2.White 1.Brown 3.Blue 3.Blue 5.Green/Yellow 2.Blue 1.Brown 1.Brown 4.Green/Yellow 4.Green/Yellow 4.Black MICRO-AC The MICRO-AC(MAC) series uses a %-20 mating thread and has a first make last break extended C-CODE ground pin. The use of a double keyway (C-Code) prevents it from accidentally plugging into one of the other similarly sized connectors. MICRO-AC (MAC) COLOR CODE with Male Faceview 2 Pole 3 Pole 4 Pole 1.Brown 2.Red/White 3. Red 3.Red/White 2.Red/Black 1.Red/Black 2.Blue 1.Green/Yellow 4.Green/Yellow 5 Pole 6 Pole 1.Red/White 5.Red/Black 1.Red/White 5.Red/Black 6.Red/Blue 4.Red/Yellow 4.Red/Yellow 2.Red 2.Red 3.Green/Yellow 3.Green/Yellow ETHERNET M12 Ethernet series(MDE45) utilizes 4 wire (D-Code) connectors with 2 pair Cat 5e cables or M12 8 wire (A-Code) connectors with 4 pair Cat 5e cable. The MDE45 is specifically used in Industrial Ethernet applications, and has teal cable using twisted pairs of D-CODE wires inside. ETHERNET (MDE45) COLOR CODE with Male Faceview 4 Pole 8 Pole 3.Brown 2.White/Brown 2.White/Green 1.White/Orange 4.Orange 1.White/Blue 3.0range 8.Green 7.Blue 4.Green 5.White/Green 6.White/Orange Industrial MENCOM CORPORATION MENCOM) MANUFACTURER OF ELECTRICAL CONNECTORS CORPOAICN Electrical Conrnectars

M12 & 1/2-20" Connectors Keyway Chart

shared by mencom on Feb 23
Circular M12 and ½-20″ cordsets and receptacles are available in a variety of pin configurations and wire color codes. In addition to a variety of pin out and color code differences, each of these ...


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