A Look at the History and Future of Predictive Analytics and Big Data

The Analytics Big Bang

Predictive analytics reaches critical mass as

Big Data and new technologies collide

Key Innovations

+ Monte Carlo simulations

+ Computational models for neural networks

+ Linear Programming

+ Non-linear programming

+ Computer-based heuristic problem solving

+ Real-time analytics

+ Prescriptive analytics

+Rversion 1.0

+Standardization of natural language processing

+Apache Hadoop

+Analytic exchanges that enable global collaboration

+Anticipatory analytics

New Users

+Government Agencies

+Corporations & Research Institutions

+Mid-size Businesses & Tech Startups

+Small Businesses & Analytic Experts

Analytic Innovation Accelerates 2

000���2009: Production version of R language for analytic software grows from 0 to 1,000,000 users�۪

Buy! Buy! Buy!

2000-2012: Analytic software market grows from $1 1 billion to $35 billion


2012: 1.7 billion mobile devices sold and

2+ billion people on social networks add to

data explosion


Collaboration leads to massive innovation

Personalization of every event, experience, offer

Solving the Unsolvable in medicine, energy, agriculture and more Analytic Talent Gap grows as demand skyrockets

Affordable and Accessiblle analytics as tool become broadly adopted



Dawn of

Computer Age


Turing and

Good conduct groundbreaking work with ���weights of evidence�۝ to decode German messages in WWII


Kerrison Predictor automates targeting of anti-aircraft weapons against enemy planes


Manhattan Project team runs computer simulations to predict behavior of nuclear chain reactions



of Analytics



ENIAC computer generates first models to forecast weather


First university degree program in Operations Research (Case Institute of Technology)


Analytics solves ���shortest path problem,�۝ improving air travel and logistics


FICO applies predictive modeling to credit risk decisions


Future SAS Institute starts as

research project funded by US

Department of Agriculture


Analytics Goes Mainstream


Black-Scholes model created to predict optimal price for stock options over time


First commercial tool for building model-driven Decision Support Systems is marketed


FICO deploys real-time analytics

to fight credit card fraud


Amazon and eBay go live; race to personalize online experience is on


Google applies algorithms to web searches to maximize results relevance


Moneyball changes pro sports as Oakland A�۪s use analytics for a competitive edge


Analytics�۪ Deep Impact

Widespread analytics use:

dynamic ticket pricing, shopping and movie recommendations, traffic management and much more

Natural language processing:

unlocks analytic value of unstructured data

(e.g., Facebook posts, web pages, PDFs, email, Word docs)

Big Data arrives:

2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day

Server farms and low-cost, high-speed processing:

make distributed computing and Big Data analytics viable for most organizations

Growing demand for talent:

190,000 more analytics experts and 1.5

million more data-literate managers needed

in US alone by 2018


Ubiquitous Analytics

Cloud-based analytic exchanges:

lead to Collaboration Economy between

developers, businesses, researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs

Individuals use analytics in everyday decisions:

about education, careers, finances,

healthcare, peer-to-peer renting and lending

(���share economy�۝)

Curing rare diseases:

becomes a financial winner

Predictive policing.

preempts many crimes

Anticipatory analytics:

makes it nearly impossible to crash a car or

burn dinner

Mass marketing campaigns are dead:

all customer interaction is personal

Data licensing trumps data purchasing:

in a world where data gets stale in minutes



2013 Fair Isaac Corpoatlon. All rights reserved.

A Look at the History and Future of Predictive Analytics and Big Data

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How is the “big bang” effect in predictive analytics changing modern life? This infographic illustrates how innovations over the past 70+ years have led to a new era that will revolutionize resear...
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