HTML5 Vs Native App Battle

HTML5 vs Native App Battle

ハラモWrite Once, Run Anywhereハラン -

An HTML5 app is hosted on the Web and runs

inside a mobile browser, Unlike native apps

devices It does not need to be built from scratch

for each mobile OS.

Web���s Future is Mobile

G -20 Intemet Access

Consumer Broadband Connections (millions)

3,000- Mobile

2,500 -



1,000- Mobile

500- Fixed Fixed Fixed

0 2005 2010 2015

Only 20% of time spent on mobile is spent on Mobile

browser More people use Mobile Apps than they use

their mobile browser

Game - 32%

Browser - 20%

Facebook - 18%

Entertainment - 8%

Utility - 8%

Other Social - 6%

Other - 6%

News - 2%

Productivity - 2%

App developers problem:

Writing separate code for Native apps for different mobile OS.

Solution: HTML5 Apps

HTML5 is meant to work seamlessly across

mobile platforms and browsers


HTML5 web apps can be installed from web as icons on Home Screen across any phone

Personal Diary app: Penzu

But HTML5 is not a winner in all aspects

Item Winner Why

Rich user experience & performance ------- Native App ------------- HTML5 still faces challenges in accessing ,device-native features across all mobile browsers, and in rendering graphically-rich user interfaces and data presentations.

Cross-Platform deployment coats --------- HTML5 ------------- HTML5 was built to be the common device or the OS. The W3C is In talks with language of the Web, regardless of the the euro, publishing and TV industries to bring the Web to new devices.

Immediate updates and distribution control ------- HTML5 ------ HTML5 has the added advantage of openness. It is Web based, So no single company - not Google, Apple. Amazon, or Samsung - can act as the gatekeeper, slow down updates, or take a cut of app revenue. On the other hand, HTML5 is a bit slow In supporting new phone features a device makes innovate.

Monetization ------------- Native App ----------- The native app stores - Apples App Store and Google Play win this one. There hasn���t been a convincing model for HTML5 monetization beyond individual vendors selling their apps online.

Available programming expertise ---------- HTML5 ------------ HTML5, JavaScript and CSS are the common languages of the Web iOS engineers, meanwhile, are in short supply - and expensive.

Fragmentation challenges --------- HTML5 ------------ Both native and HTML5 face serious fragmentation challenges, but of dIfferent sorts. Ultimately, it's more likely that HTML5 and its cross-platform potential will win out here.

And Monetization is one of the most important factor for developers.

Who will win the battle?

Cost effective HTML5 Is already winning in Enterprise segment

100.000 - Jan-2013

90.000 - Jan-2912

80.000 -

70,000 -



40,000 -

30,000 -

20,000 -


0 HTMLS or Hybrid Apps Under Development Developers White Published HTML5 Apps Developers With Published Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are HTML5 apps wrapped inside native wrappers.

Most developers agree that HTML5 can be used to create apps.



80% 78%






20% 15%

10% 8%

0% Strongly Disagree Neither Agree or Disagree Strongly Agree

As HTML5 continue to evolve, it is more likely that HTML5 and its cross-platform potential will win the battle. Not immediately, but certainly.

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HTML5 Vs Native App Battle

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HTML5 vs Native App battle has been going on from long now. While most mobile app developers with enough time and money resources still prefer to go with Native Apps, others are using HTML5 or Hybrid ...
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