How Do App Markets Stack Against Each Other?

iTunes App Store O VS Google Play How App Markets Stack against each other? There are more than There are more than 500,000 apps in iTunes Store 400,00 apps in Google Play 127% The number of apps available on the Android Market increased approximately 127% since August 2010, while the Apple App Store at a relative rate of 44% 44% grew The number of unique developers publishing applications in the Google Play and Apple's iTunes Store is growing at a comparable rate for each platform-with Apple slightly in the lead Number of Developers in Android Market and Apple App Store 80k 60k 40k 20k Ok 15-August-2010 14-February-2011 The Google Play generally has more apps per developer than the iTunes Store. The average number of apps submitted per developer is 6.6 in Google Play and 4.8 in the iTunes Store Apps per Developer in Android Market and Apple App Store 6.1% 38.3% 51.8% 44.7% >10 Apps 8.2% 8.4% 35.1% 6-10 Apps 2-5 Apps 1 App Free vs Paid Apps in Google Play vs iTunes Store 33.8% 34.1% 65.9% Free Free 66.2% Paid Paid Price of Apps in google Play and iTunes Store More than 95% of paid apps in the Android Market cost less than $10, though the prevalence of apps priced greater than $10 has significantly increased during Most G0ogle Play apps are the past b months priced at $2.99 or less (73%) Price of Apps in Google Play and iTunes Store $10.00 or more $3-9.99 $1-2.99 $0.99 or less In 2011, iPhone app sales were 4X that of Android Apps 4X Created By: TechAhead Sources:

How Do App Markets Stack Against Each Other?

shared by TechAhead on Apr 23
iTunes App Store or Google Play(formerly Android Market), which one is more famous, which market has more apps, attracts more developers, has more free apps, etc are few questions that many users, dev...


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