Hot Technology Gadgets of 2013

Hot Technology Gadgets of 2013

3D Printers
Product Highlights
Thin layers of plastic and other materials are places on top of each other to create a 3D object based on a computer generated image
Provides an alternative for inexpensive and quick production of items
Items such as clothes, drugs, food and jewelry are being printed with this technology
Mobile phones are expected to be printable in the next 10 years
Prosthetic body parts are being created using this technology

Google Glass
Product highlights
Glasses will revolutionize how we interact through sight
Hands-free technological experience
Controlled by voice commands
Take pictures and record video
Send messages, find directions and translate your speech
Becomes a hands-free smartphone

Xbox 720
Product Highlights
Its codename is ‘Durango’
It is rumored that the console will include Blue-ray support, ability to record from live TV, and 3D gaming.
Enhanced Kinect device that will supposedly work with augmented reality glasses.
Rumored to be powered by 8GB RAM and a quad-core processor increasing its power from earlier versions

Product Highlights
Powerful new thermostat
Designed by two former Apple employees who were involved in the creation of the iPod and iPhone
Learns your habits every time you adjust it and automatically heats your house to suit
Heating can be controlled when you are not home via the mobile app
Claims to be able to cut your heating bill in half

Basis band
Product Highlights
A heart rate monitor that you can wear all the time
Provides an accurate heart-rate reading
Includes a galvanic skin response sensor which monitors sweat levels
Harbors an accelerometer so you can see how changes in your heart rate correlate with your exercise habits
Gives you a more accurate picture of your health than any other consumer gadget to date

Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon
Product Highlight
Features a huge 27-inch monitor that lays flat
Becomes an interactive table
HD screen, i7 processor, and a 2-hour battery
Specialized multi-user UI called Aura with games and activities oriented towards multiple users
Will go on sale summer 2013 for around $1600

Samsung Smart TV Platform
Product Highlights
Major update to Samsung’s smart TV platform
Quad-core processor
Facial recognition that customized content to the individual viewer
Improved natural language and gesture control
Uses predictive analysis to monitor viewing habits and suggest relevant content

Product Highlights
Billed as “the first watch for the 21st century”
Has different faces that you can download and customize
Connects to iPhone and Android smartphones using Bluetooth, alerting you with a silent vibration to incoming calls, emails and messages
Downloaded apps can turn the watch into a stopwatch, GPS, mp3 player and computer to use while you’re on the go.
Initially funded through Kickstarter
You can pre-order for $150 online for when more become available

Hot Technology Gadgets of 2013

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Wondering what are the Hot Technology Gadgets of 2013? Here is a list of some of the top products you will see coming out this year.
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